5 ways to help you stay current on your social media marketing


writtenbysignatureAre you staying current with your social media marketing?

Digital marketing is changing constantly. Staying up to date on the latest trends and changes can be daunting and stressful. New platforms, the latest updates, features and functionalities are not easy to keep up with.

What sites are popular among your target audience? Where is your audience hanging out? These questions come up when you are trying to sort through your social media strategies. Staying on top of all the changes on social media platforms likes Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube can be stressful and challenging but not impossible to handle. We have provided you with some tips on how you can take a hold of your social media so you don’t fall behind on what your industry trends are doing.

1. Join LinkedIn Groups About Social Media

There are thousand of groups you could join but you want to obviously pick the one that is right for you or your business and industry. The best way to find the right groups is to use your platform search engines. Type in “social media” in your search engine and sort by groups. Be mindful of the group member number when joining. A sufficient number of users interested in the topic in social media will guarantee not only fresh news, but also debates and topics that you can join and learn from.


Here are a few we recommend checking out:

2. Subscribe to Social Media Blogs

Subscribing to blogs will guarantee you won’t miss out on new happenings out there. If there’s a new feature or trend, it will definitely be written about in detail on these blogs. Subscribing to these blogs is great but you also have to read them. Block off time during your week to make sure you read the content. Whether it be 10 min a day or 10 min a week, read them. They can be really fun to read as well!

Here are a few we recommend subscribing to:

3. Participate in Events or Conferences

There are so many events and conferences for business owners, marketing specialists and social media enthusiast all over the world. If you really want to stay informed make attending one or two conferences a year a priority. Attending these conferences is a great opportunity to hear from social media experts in the industry and you will be able to ask the questions you are dying to know answers to. Every conference or event will have a corresponding hashtag that you can follow during the conference on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This is where you will get content from the conferences like quotes from speakers and shared content.

4. Listen to Podcasts

This may be the number one thing we do to stay on top of what is happening in social media. This is an easy way to get the most recent news on social media. Have a long commute to work or travel a lot for your job? Automobile University is a fantastic place to listen to podcast and is an opportunity to get a free education while driving, bonus! Podcasts vary in length and provide lots of valuable information in the form of interviews, case studies, and rundowns of the latest news. Plus, marketing people are super funny and fun to listen to.

Here are a few we recommend listening to:

  • The Growth Show: Episode 100: Guy Kawasaki’s Unconventional Advice on Growth
  • Perpetual Traffic: Digital Marketer
  • Hashtagged: Focusing on Creating Content and Community Versus Being an Influencer with Dan Joyce

5. See what’s trending on Instagram’s Explore tab

Using the Instagram explore tab you can type in “social media” or #socialmediamarketing and see what is trending and hot. You can also use hashtags to see what content people are sharing on the platform that day. It will also serve you with related and relative content to what you are looking for or what people are talking about.

instagram .jpg

Try out some of the ideas we have thrown out to you today and let us know what is working for you or what you need more guidance on. We would love to hear from you! We want to see you win.


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